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Developing A Community in Need



3rd Annual Seeds Campaign

This campaign supports a community of farmers in Ayiti (Haiti) that struggle to save seeds for sustainable practices. In 2016,


Hurricane Matthew destroyed the farmlands, livestocks and seed bank. We haven't been able to replenish. Our goal is to start to save indigenous seeds again. 

The Gift of the Goat

The Gift that keeps on giving! In 2016, after Hurricane Matthew devastated the farming community in Haiti.


Thorough our efforts and and that of our supporters, we gifted 8 goats to the remote farmers of Anba MòN. Today, we have over 70+ goats!

Tiling Tools


In 2019, twenty-five students from the Anba MòN farming community were enrolled into a vocational training school.


Presently, the 7 tilers are enrolled in an apprenticeship program to sharpen their skills. They are in need of essential tools to continue to thrive.

Vocational Trade School

In 2019, twenty-five young adults from the Anba MòN farming community received full sponsorship to apply at a state vocational/trade school.  They were enrolled in ceramic, plumbing, tailoring, window installation, computer technique, cosmetology and culinary arts.


 This January 2021, our first cohort eight students graduated from the ceramic/window installation program. These eight are doing an apprenticeship through the school.


More Graduates to follow:

Cosmetology & Culinary arts- July 2021

Computer Technique- October 2021

Plumbing-October 2021

Tailoring/Dressmaking April 2022

Medicinal Plant Workshop

Intergenerational Learning

The Anba MòN farmers live in an ecosystem that is plant based.


We've partnered up with Doctor Berthony Jean Charles, an herbalist to do intergenerational workshop with the farmers and the children.


The objective is to identify medicinal plant in their own garden to use for their health and vitality. 

Kouzen Zaka
Summer Camp

Our 2nd annual camp this year is being led by two volunteers, Ayitian/American Yoga/Dancer, Viergela of And, Haitian Folklorist Dancer Clossiny from Cap-Haitian.


The camp idea was birthed In July 2020, when the young adults barter for funds to start a chicken coop. 


Immediately, they started the camp with ten children, by  the second session in August they had fifty children. 





APAM stands for Assosyason Peyizan Anba MòN. It is a grassroots organization that was birthed after Hurricane Mathew devasted Haiti. We are based in Brooklyn, NY, but our initiatives and members exist in the surrounding areas of the Southern Eastern part of Haiti in Jacmel.

APAM is a collective of one-hundred-two (102) families organized in the South East of Haiti around issues of education, farming, agriculture, biodiversity, health, and self-empowerment through a self-sustaining lens. We seek to empower, uplift, and ultimately to liberate the most marginalized members of the Anba MòN rural community—including and especially those who are, elderly, disabled, cash poor, women and children in the countryside. APAM focuses on community inter-dependence through member independence and accountability. We seek advanced training in agricultural and agroforestry; animal rearing, and building an equitable future, education and direct action. 




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